About us

We carry out research into the security of mankind, society and the state – for a life of freedom

In times of social and political unrest, defense and security become increasingly important. We develop technologies, products, and services for the early detection of dangerous situations so that they can be counteracted, consequential damage can be minimized and, as a result, the overall level of risk can be reduced.

The Fraunhofer Segment for Defence and Security provides comprehensive security models: Our research focuses on security and protection against military, technical, terrorist, natural, and criminal threats.





  • Systems and technologies for use on land, in the air, water, space and cyberspace
  • Information gathering, provision of information and decisionmaking support
  • Networked operations
  • Protection and impact
  • Electronic warfare
  • Cross-system technologies
  • Resilience and protection of critical infrastructures
  • Combating of terrorism and crime
  • Border security
  • Crisis and disaster management
  • Digital transformation


  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic foresight, scenarios and roadmapping
  • Technological needs and trend analyses
  • Assessment of (third-party) systems
  • Development of prototypes and processes
  • Pilot series production
  • Development of methods, technologies, components and systems


  • Coordination of large-scale projects
  • System solutions to complex issues
  • Excellent infrastructure and laboratory equipment
  • Continuous availability of technical expertise at the highest level
  • Superb network with research, industry and government
  • Thorough judgement and consultancy skills in defence R&T
  • Interdisciplinary work and broad technology portfolio


  • Providing advisory support for national and international R&D-policy
  • Providing advisory support for the Fraunhofer management board
  • Basic assessment and consulting capabilities for defense research
  • Longtime oriented, collective platform of planning and action
  • Coherent market communication
  • Strategic orientation and further development of the Fraunhofer competences