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Protection, Security and Effects

Protection, Security and Effects

The Fraunhofer Insitute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach- Institut, EMI, develops and researches new approaches and solutions for applications in the business segments defense, security, space, automotive and aviation. The institute’s competences are the investigation of impact, shock and penetration phenomena by experimental, simulation-based and analytical methods in order to improve the security, safety and reliability of components, structures and systems under dynamic loads.

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Protection & bridging technologies

Fraunhofer EMI analyzes and develops protection concepts and new materials for high dynamic loadings, sensor systems for the application in ballistics as well as practice oriented engineering software. Solutions range from vehicle and personal protection systems against ballistic and explosive threats, the protection of service infrastructures and the development of materials to the reduction of vulnerabilities of aerostructures and vehicles.


Protection of critical infrastructures

The main research focus lies on technologies to physically protect critical infrastructures. Our solutions include efficient building reinforcement and structural concepts, the development of dedicated, customized materials such as ultra high performance concretes and integrated sensor systems for real-time monitoring of static loading capacities. Thus, we can offer balanced security concepts of the protection of building infrastructures.

Hazard and risk analysis

Hazard and risk analysis research services provided by EMI support the risk management especially in case of terrorist events such as explosions, but also in case of industrial accidents, natural desasters and even of cross-linked, multimodal risks caused by such events.