Fraunhofer ICT

Security, Safety and Energetic Materials Technology

Security, Safety and Energetic Materials Technology

Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT offers its long-standing research experience in the field of explosives to the German Federal Ministry of Defence, the public sector and industrial customers in the form of extensive knowhow, laboratories and experimental workshops for R&D purposes at Fraunhofer ICT allow for carrying out projects from a laboratory up to a small production scale. Fraunhofer ICT draws on the competence of its employees in the development of improved chemical energy sources, energy supplies and systems for the German army and the development of new technologies and materials for defense against terrorist attacks. In particular Fraunhofer ICT offers R&D services in the following fields of technology:

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Energetic materials

Development, manufacture and characterization of:

  • Rocket propellants for defense and space applications
  • Gas generators
  • Gun propellants, explosives, new ignition systems
  • Chemical fuels and systems
  • Safety and protective systems

Modeling tools:

  • Interior ballistics
  • Reaction kinetics, combustion processes, thermodynamics

Detection technology:

  • Detection of explosives in the area of civil security, for example for portal systems in the framework of national and European projects (EXPEDITE, EMPHASIS, among other projects)
  • Test Center for the Detection of Liquid Explosives
  • Electrochemical sensor technology

Safety and security technology:

  • Technologies for counter IED and defense of terrorist attacks
  • Non-lethal weapons

Technical safety and security

  • Risk analyses in the handling of combustible and explosive materials
  • Investigation and analysis of safety risks and accident scenarios in the design / operation of industrial testing units
  • Safety and security assessments of energy storage devices

Energy supply systems

Electrochemical energy storage devices and converters:

  • Redox-flow batteries
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Fuel cell systems
  • Safety investigations on energy storages and converter systems
  • Energy management systems