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Algorithms for Risk Analysis, Situation Evaluation and Decision-Making Support

Algorithms for Risk Analysis, Situation Evaluation and Decision-Making Support

Briefing in the ambulance
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Emergency vehicle with MobiKat support.
Menschen in silbernen Schutzanzügen bauen Messgeräte auf.
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Überschmemmtes Gelände mit Verkehrsschildern im Wasser
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Varying threats of a greatly complex nature and with atypical patterns call for specially trained response forces and the availability of high-performance command and communication technologies. Since 2003, the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI has been developing modular command and control systems in accordance with the extremely short innovation cycles of modern ICT technologies. These systems are being applied both at large events as well as in day-to-day situations.   
MobiKat® was developed in cooperation with end-users as a modular system for operational command and the management of resources. It is used for effective situation management and to save human lives during natural disasters, large-scale technical breakdowns, extreme weather conditions, major events and others. The system is freely configurable and runs on various hardware configurations for all command levels.

Its main features are:

  • Display of geographical information about the operation site – e. g., traffic network, aerial images, buildings, land use, terrain information

  • Visualization of operation-specific information – e. g., flooding zones, tapping points for extinguishing water, critical infrastructures, current water levels, weather conditions, construction sites

  • Overview of available staff and resources, damages, affected persons

  • Algorithms for optimized decision support

  • Synchronization of all situational information

In the event of assassinations, terrorist attacks or hostage takings, the specialized units and forces of the police in particular are faced with extreme challenges. These kinds of operations have a great risk potential and require the highest level of professionalism, as well as the best technical equipment available. The »SE-Netz« technology has become established as a nation-wide standard among special police units. This pioneering software architecture with flexible functionalities has an extremely high safety standard level and forms the basis for MePol – a novel communication system for regular police service.

Building on a profound knowledge of the newest information and communication technology basics, new command functionalities are continuously being developed. These functionalities use a broad algorithm spectrum – including multi-criteria optimization and fast search algorithms for logistics planning – and are implemented as software applications.