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Sensors for Safety, Security and Reconnaissance

Sensors for Safety, Security, and Reconnaissance

With high-resolution radar systems, laser spectroscopy, fast circuits, power amplifiers or infrared components, Fraunhofer IAF offers a broad portfolio for security, reconnaissance and protection.

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Examples for the successful implementation of our research results are


  • Imaging millimeter-wave and infrared cameras for applications under restricted visibility conditions, e. g. strong smoke or dense fog

  • High-resolution radar systems for fast and precise distance measurements, supporting helicopter pilots during landing maneuvers under whiteout or brownout conditions

  • Infrared lasers for the standoff detection of smallest traces of hazardous substances in real time; for example on baggage at airports or train stations

  • Directional radio links for very high data rates for broadband, wireless communication such as tactical data links

  • Broadband jammers to suppress radio signals activating explosive devices

  • Imaging, dual-color infrared sensors to protect aircrafts from approaching missiles

  • Diamond-based quantum sensors for GPS-independent navigation

Due to their physical properties, lll-V semiconductors are ideal candidates for state-of-the-art defense and security technologies. Fraunhofer IAF is one of the few research institutions world-wide to cover the entire value chain in this field: from material research and the design of components to the realization of complete modules and systems. For its research activities, the institute is equipped with a clean room featuring cutting-edge semiconductor process and measurement technology.

The R&D activities of Fraunhofer IAF are certified according to ISO 9001/2015.