We carry out research into the security of mankind, society and the state – for a life of freedom

In times of social and political unrest, defence and security become increasingly important. We develop technologies, products and services for the early detection of dangerous situations, so that they can be counteracted, consequential damage can be minimised and, as a result, the overall level of risk can be reduced.
The Fraunhofer Segment for Defence and Security pursues research and development in the areas of defence and civil security. Our wide-ranging expertise and research have delivered highly practicable solutions and operational support, both at the national and international level. In defence research, our excellent judgement and consultancy skills make us indispensable independent experts and partners of the German Ministry of Defence (BMVg). We research and develop technologies and system solutions for the Ministry, its government bodies and for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). Our technical solutions and systems in civil security are designed to deliver the best possible protection for society. We cover the interests and activities of our member institutes, acting as their representative both within and outside the organisation.

We create joint benefits through mutual support, by complementing one another professionally, through a division of labour and by coordinating the areas in which we specialise.

Eleven institutes have joined forces in the Fraunhofer Segment Defense and Security to pool their expertise.